My Beautiful life. My Indian Self.

As a teenager I loved to smell, taste, cultivate all plants, especially herbs. Several times in my life, I have had herb stores, where I introduced the population to the sight, smell, healing properties, taste of all the plants. In my early 20's I studied nutrition through the Shaklee Program. I lived the life of good health, body building, dancing (love to dance), roller bladding, little liquor, positive thinking..and a devoted parent, and daughter.

As I discovered my Indian Self, and read the archives of diary entries published by my famous Indian Vann Family. (See Chief Vann House). I accept my love of living plants, herbs, mushrooms, are possibly influenced by my 4 Greats Grandmother WaLi, (a famous Indian Shaman), daughter of Moy Toy & Go Sa Du Is Ga. In aura photos available at most Alternative Festivals, one can see a woman sitting beside me, a bear with arms arched protectively over my body, and a male standing guard beside me. The family diaries read that WaLi, grew her healing herbs on the roof top to protect them from varmints, and people. My aura is most generally deep purple through hughs of deep blue and dark red. Many strangers have sought me out of a crowd. Often I have been told I have a very old soul. Recently it came to me I have always been here. Time began 11 13 11 13 11 13 11 13, as scribed on the temples. I was born 11 13.

My Grandmother Ethabelle was also a wonder herbalists. What beautiful gardens she could grow. I remember fondly tasting my way through the garden with her telling me all the benefits nutritionally of each and every green leaf. Oh those 'Tommie Toe' Tomatoes. In the spring we would go mushroom hunting.

In my adult years, I discovered the fabulous properties of the Cannabis plant. I have spent the greater part of my adult life, educating others, relentless in trying to restore the dignity to the plant given us by our creator Cannabis Sativa l. Hemp, & Cannabis Indica Hemp. I do believe there are nutritional, & curative properties in the illusive plant Cannabis, you can get from no other source.

I had my DNA analyized by DNA Tribes. I highly recommend this to anyone with interest in their past lives.

If you have studied the Unitarian Religion, you will understand when I share that Vann has been here since the beginning. According to the Unitarian, Vann was sent by the creator, as an arch angel to fight lucifer.