Les Balm Testimonials from our beloved customers.

February 21, 2015
Dear Debby
    I started using Les Balm in October of 2013.  Within 10 days the crepe like texture of my neck was so much more youthful looking, and smoother.  Within the next two weeks, many deeply clogged pores on my face became cleared out and the overall texture of my face and neck made a drastic improvement.
    For many years I had been a constant customer of a prominent cosmetic line, but since using Les Balm I will only use Les Balm.
    I am over 60, and my skin looks better than ever before.  I highly recommend Les Balm My skin looks much younger than my true age!  Hooray!
Emily Baldridge
Wichita Symphony, Teacher, Artist


November 13, 2009
    Dear Debby,
    I have been using Les Balm for almost 6 months now.  I am so pleased with Les Balm, makes my skin feel so soft and smooth.  At 80 years of age, it has been some time since my skin felt so healthy.  As you know, I have been telling all my friends and family of the satisfactory results I am enjoying.
R. H. Luther, Wichita, Kansas


December 23, 2012
    Will this product appear on court ordered urine drug tests? I've applied to it the eczema on my husbands back for the past 2 days & I didn't think about the fact that I have to take a court ordered urine drug test on 1/6/2013.  I'm now freaking out ghat I may test positive because of this balm. What do you know about whether it can be detected. I have stopped applying it as of his last application this morning after he joked about whether it would appear.  I did some google research but it appears to be based on the amount used in the recipe. Any insight would be most appreciated. 

December 28, 2012
    Regarding Les Balm Ingredients.  I am sure that your drug test of 1 6 2013 will be negative.  Les Balm is made of 3 1/2 gallons of imported hemp seed oil - high in CBD's, but no detectable THC, which is the illegal property of cannabis sativa l. hemp. Every ingredient of Les Balm, is recognized as a healing herb, mushroom, or oil.  Every ingredient is totally digestable for all mammals.
    In five years of usage by thousands of people, there has never been comment of a person not passing a drug test while using
Les Balm.
Thank you Debby!!

January 25, 2013
Ended up the judge didn't ask for one, but I may face some in the future, so I'mso glad to know that I can start using it again (without gloves!) I already bought more for my mother for her birthday and she loves it. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!!
Thank you again, and have a great day.


March 7, 2013
    Dear Debby,
    Thank you for remembering me with your gift of Les Balm.  I have been using it on my wrist and back of my hand where many IV's had made nmy shin very scaly and itch.  Seems to be making it much smoother.  I'm still fighting with the shingles on my foot.  At my last Doctor's visit, the Doctor said it would be a waiting game till they go away game.  Today, he was amazed at the progress since I began using Les Balm. 
    You take care and thanks again for thinking of me.
M. Klough, Wichita, Kansas